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Friday, December 25, 2009

My Examiner column looks at the smaller ways the Obama government boom has meant a boom for K Street:

But the real cost of Obamanomics on this score is the way in which it sucks wealth from Main Street to K Street by forcing smaller businesses and industries, non-profits, and cities and towns to invest or invest more in lobbyists.

The City of Cordova, Alaska, population 2,251, retained not one, but two lobbying firms in 2009, to lobby for stimulus money and other federal spending.

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Markangelo said...

Wall Street, corporate lobbyists & union bosses are already rich!!! Your book is redundant & stupid. Get a real job. The USA should return to the glory days of Eisenhower when the tax bracket was over 90% for unearned income. Real estate is unearned income.