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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Comcast support for Baucus bill shows NBC still in Obama-friendly hands

The same day Comcast and General Electric announced Comcast would take control of NBC Universal, Comcast CEO Brian Roberts announced his company was supporting the health-care bill currently before the Senate.

This is interesting in two ways:

First, as Newsbusters points out, this move by Roberts coincides with an announcement of a merger that will likely face anti-trust scrutiny from the same Congress and administration that is pushing the health-care bill. Washington has long used the weapon of anti-trust to extract pounds of flesh from big corporations. One commissioner said yesterday, "My skepticism about the harms imposed by so few controlling so much persists."

Also, it seems fitting that Comcast would move a step closer to Obama when taking over NBC Universal, because the current owner, GE, is perhaps the most Obama-friendly corporation in the country.

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