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Friday, July 3, 2009

Class Dismissed: How Teachers Unions Killed D.C. Vouchers

After I wrote my Examiner column in February on teacher union lobbying clout and their campaign against vouchers, I had the opportunity to expand this story for Labor Watch, a publication of the Capital Research Center. Now you can read the full piece in PDF. Here's the precis:
At the urging of teachers unions, the Democrat-controlled U.S. Congress has put the District of Columbia’s pilot educational vouchers program on the fast track to extinction. This in spite of the fact that vouchers enjoy the support of several high ranking D.C. officials and important Democratic constituencies. How did the teachers unions acquire such clout? Timothy P. Carney, lobbying editor and columnist for the Washington Examiner, tells the story of the political struggle that created the vouchers program, and the backroom maneuvering that killed it.

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